Kjetil Kippervik

While officially joining Rebellion in May 2022, Zizaran has been unofficially partnered with us for almost two years, building the Path to Exile event known as The Gauntlet.

A streamer since 2015, Ziz has grown his community exponentially on both Twitch and YouTube. Ziz is an expert in the complex world of ARPG and is focused on helping new players navigate the genre.

We are excited to welcome Ziz as one of our Rebels and will continue to support The Gauntlet (and new events) in the future!

Lena Lemon

Lena Lemon

Creating content since 2015, Lena started off in the fashion scene and eventually found her passion in anime, cosplay, and gaming. Lena aspires to bring her favourite characters to life, ranging from anime to games like Valorant and Genshin Impact. You can find her cosplaying at conventions or at home streaming her favourite games.


Sean Gares

Sean Gares is a former CS1.6 and CS:GO professional player and IGL. Following his playing career, he worked with CSPPA (Counter Strike Pro Player Association) and worked several years as broadcast talent in CS:GO/VALORANT. After a year as the head coach of 100T’s VALORANT team in 2022, he is now pursuing his passion of becoming a content creator with Shopify Rebellion.