An update on our VALORANT partnership application

An update on our VALORANT partnership application

Originally posted on Twitter:

Today, Riot informed us that Rebellion would not be moving forward in the VALORANT partnership program. Over a year ago we chose to dive into VALORANT where we thought we could make the most impact, signing a group that's now regarded as one of the best women's teams in the world. Since then, we've been an active participant, focused on developing talent and providing players rights and support that are still ignored by too many 'world class' organizations. Currently, we're preparing with our latest roster for the North American Last Chance Qualifier and will be bootcamping with every intention to make it to Champions later this year.

We're obviously disappointed. A popularity contest for a woefully small number of team slots in a partnered league was always going to leave too many on the outside looking in. Moving forward, our hope is that Riot will find meaningful ways to support the broader ecosystem— too many incredible players, creators, and talent that have invested their lives in making VALORANT a success deserve it.

As for our plans, we'll continue to support all our teams and players in the same way we always have. Our priority is and has always been making sure Rebellion players have everything they need in the pursuit of winning. Esports can be better, and we take pride in doing things right and putting people first.

We'll share more about our future in VALORANT later this summer.